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Kevin Winsett was born on March 10 of 1972, at a time when psychic gifts were not widely accepted in a small town like Adrian Michigan. It was a working-class manufacturing town, so any wild-eyed dreams were a million miles away. It was about being practical and working hard and dreams were just Dreams. But at an early age his imagination was brilliant and very creative. He had an imaginary friend when he was about 3 years old and believed this was one of his guides helping him through some challenging times with abandonment.

He started playing musical instruments at an early age, learning Violin and guitar at 9 years old. There was something very magical about playing a musical instrument. It always felt like a direct line to the spirit, and he was unconsciously channeling throughout his life and having prophetic dreams that would come true. He loved to visit tarot readers but never told anyone about his love for the esoteric and his dreams. At 18, he read a book about shamanism and said to himself, “That lifestyle sounds wonderful, but too bad no one lives like that anymore." And these were clear indications that the spirit was trying to guide him even as a kid, but he didn’t believe it due to how he was raised.

At the age of 23 he was playing music full-time. And living out his dreams as a musician. He was tested in life with drug addiction, abuse, abandonment, and mental health issues. and at 35 years old he quit playing music and stopped communicating with the spirit. This part of his life was misery and emptiness until he was 46 and had an awakening. Then spirit started working miracles in his life. He started playing music again. He started learning about the esoteric things he always loved, like the emerald tablets and hermeticism. And reignited his secret love for the tarot, learning that these gifts could no longer be ignored. He realized that tarot was supposed to be a massive part of his life along with music. He Believes by Sharing these life experiences this can help people live better lives through music and the tarot and has been building a beautiful creative life ever since.

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