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What is Blue Moon?

What is Blue Moon?

Blue Moon refers to the “extra” Full Moon that occurs every two to three years. There are normally three full moons per season, but this summer revealed the third of four full moons. However, the moon is not blue; Rather, his name is said to derive from Old English “betrayal”, as he deviates from the typical Moon phase. The full moon is a matter of emotions, so this full moon will definitely have a stronger impact on our emotions! 

The Blue Moon, in astrological and energy contexts, is often associated with a unique and powerful energy source that can have a variety of effects on an individual. Although scientific understanding of the Moon’s influence on human behavior is limited, many believe that the Blue Moon can amplify emotions, strengthen spiritual connections, and induce feelings of transformation and change. mature. It is important to note that these beliefs are based on spiritual and metaphysical interpretations rather than scientific evidence.

Some people may experience heightened emotions during the Blue Moon, which can range from a high level of sensitivity to a surge of creative energy. This time is often seen as an opportunity for introspection and to release old patterns or feelings that no longer serve us. It can be a time for deep emotional healing and personal growth.

Blue Moon energy is said to be particularly powerful in establishing intentions and manifesting desires. Many people take advantage of this time to engage in rituals, meditation, or other practices that tap into and channel this energy toward their goals and aspirations. This is a time of heightened expression potential and the alignment of one’s energies with one’s intentions.

Blue Moon

What are the emotional effects of the Blue Moon?

Since the Moon phase is closely linked to our emotions and moods, it’s important to be aware of how this rare Blue Moon will affect you. Like all Full Moons, we experience heightened sensitivity, which, if not adjusted properly, leaves you feeling tired and over-emotional.

It’s important to remember that interpretations and experiences of Blue Moon’s effects on energy can vary between individuals. Some may feel a strong resonance with this energy, while others may not notice any significant changes. Like any spiritual or energy practice, it is essential to trust your intuition and personal experience.

However, if you accept the waves of this moon phase, you will discover greater psychic and healing possibilities during this time. Your imagination and dreams will be more vivid; this is the perfect time for you to manifest when your cognitive abilities are at their peak.

The Moon will be in Aquarius during the weekend (August 21-22) while the Sun is in Leo. These powerful and charismatic signs will boost your expressions. With the Sun in Leo, our inner performer will come to play under the Blue Moon. Get ready for your last weekend of spontaneous fun, as the Sun will quickly turn to organized Virgo, which means the frivolity of summer will begin to give way to the tough. of autumn.

How does the blue moon affect relationships?

Relationships are also affected by the full moon. In particular, the Blue Moon is the time when secrets are revealed. If those secrets are wonderful and special, like a marriage proposal or a new baby, it can be a very romantic time. If the secret nature is unfaithful, it can take a toll on your partnership. Keep an eye out for any new information during “dangerous” moon phases.

As noted, the Moon will be in Aquarius, a humanitarian sign, and so we will feel more generous towards those less fortunate than ourselves and perhaps even more willing to take them back. That tough old lover! In romantic and platonic relationships, you will feel an urge to give and help, which can strengthen the relationships in your life.

This is the second full moon in a row in Aquarius (usually, you’ll wait a year between the two), so you might be starting to get pretty pissed off at your own good nature!

Blue Moon

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